What souvenirs to bring back from your vacation?

During each holiday stay, it is often customary to bring back souvenirs for yourself and/or for those around you. It can go from a simple magnet to a beautiful sculpture or painting, while passing by local specialities …

If perishable goods have a limited lifespan, this is not the case for « material » souvenirs and sometimes, when you return (out of the holiday context), you don’t always know what to do with the souvenir bought at first sight in the summer atmosphere… all the more so if it has no real use and doesn’t fit with the interior decoration of the house. Hence the importance of thinking carefully about the memories to bring back!

Why bring back souvenir gifts ?

If the memories of past stays in different countries (or even different French regions) are located mainly in the head, they are generally immortalized through photos and/or films made on the spot, first because the memory begins to be lacking with the passing years and that one needs from time to time to remember certain good lived moments, then because one likes to show to his entourage the countries that one has

But, in addition to these « pictorial » memories, each traveller also likes to bring back at least one typical object allowing from time to time to plunge virtually during the space of a moment in the realized journey, this would be even only with the simple sight of the object in question.

Or bring back some small gifts (family, friends, neighbours) either to thank them for a service rendered (dog guard, driving to the airport, surveillance of the house…) or simply to please them.

Here is a selection of 6 kinds of gifts to bring back from holidays

  1. Flags : For some countries, this is not a problem, but for others they are often not found… as for Vietnam. Some are very original like the one in Sri Lanka. We can put them in a pencil jar on his desk. One little glance and you’re already traveling without leaving your chair.

2. Candles: It is often the perfumes that bring back good memories. It’s useful, it’s pretty and it’s often done locally if you choose the models and the shop where you buy them well.

3. Bowls: You have a cup of tea, breakfast and then you travel where we bought them.

4. Natural memories: We can bring back sand, small stones, shells from the places we visit. To insert in the decoration (jar, mobile, plants) and it reminds necessarily the places where one collected them, all the more so when they have a shape or a rather rare color.

5. Postcards: Yes it’s always nice to send some and even if you can share everything on social networks. Vintage/humoristic postcards for example have a really different approach to the destination!

6. Finally – local products: Local specialities that can be brought back (tea, jam, spices, chocolate, honey…) in order to prolong the culinary experience…on the way home.

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