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Luis Gallego leaves Iberia to take the direction of IAG

« It has been a great pleasure to work with Willie Walsh over the past seven years and it will be a great honor to lead this company, said Luis Gallego when his appointment was announced, « This is a pivotal moment for IAG and we will continue to build on the solid foundation that Willie leaves us « .

« Willie Walsh has decided to retire and will leave his position as Group Managing Director on March 26th, leaving the group definitively on June 30th. Luis Gallego, current CEO of Iberia, will succeed him, » IAG informed IAG in a notice to the National Securities Market Commission.

Antonio Vázquez, Chairman of IAG, said: « Willie led the merger and successful integration of British Airways and Iberia to form IAG. Under his leadership, IAG has become one of the world’s leading airline groups. »